I love C2!

Noodling around after posting the post just before this one, I have been allowing C2.com to take me where my curiosity leads. In the immortal words of Calvin (late C20th Watterson incarnation, rather than C16th French theologian – ain’t reincarnation wonderful?);


A few of my finds…

Semantic Web

Frame Problem

Delete Me

– Inclusion here indicates no judgement as to the correctness of any of the points of view on the pages – merely that they are interesting. The informational and argumentational density of these pages is just gorgeous!


PitchMark: full disclosure pitching without fear?

This post from Newspodge brought PitchMark to my attention – a service that attempts to offer confidence to content creators and inventors by acting as a time-stamped repository of record, and backup legal support. The service isn’t free, but although it doesn’t look expensive, in the age of freemium everything it perhaps looks so at first. Close investigation of exactly what it offers will be important – the devil is in the detail with this sort of thing.

This is perhaps something that could be built-in, or partnered with, the Co-Founder Jamming idea.

Change is afoot…

One week’s posting on one tech-news site only (zdnet), brings forth three pieces from different authors that illustrate the extreme fluidity which increasingly characterises things digital:

Why I’ve all but given up on Windows…

How I switched from gmail…

Low-end laptops – the rise of the Chromebook

Without expressing any opinion on any of these in themselves, the wider point is that on many fronts – OS, hardware, services – there is potential for radical shifts on a timespan of a couple of years, even for things that have been so ubiquitous as to have brands among the most recognised worldwide.

Disruption is the name of the game for ambitious startups, so turbulent times should be good news – statistically, at least – for startups.